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Truth be told I avoid Cosmopolitan like plague – I am probably the last person who wants to – wow him  or look 15 at 50 or dress to kill or lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks (or maybe I am just a realist ;))…however when Yahoo homepage had a highlighted article with the title – 12 things women do better than men…but of course I had to click on it…if you would rather read the real deal rather than my take on it click here

The article made me smile…for all the tips I don’t want from Cosmopolitan, this one mostly hit spot on (and it was unusually backed by tons of studies ) — As they said it – Hello, ego boost! Now read on :

1. We’re cleaner. Our house looks like someone just moved in (yes I am not too modest am I)…Cleanliness is almost an obsession with me…and it is not seamlessly easy…nope…it is hard work and I am pretty much at it 100%…from sweeping, mopping, dusting, organizing, donating, throwing, craiglisting, cataloging….if I left this to K1 and K2….ahem! me thinks that is definitely something that will give me nightmares…

2. We interview better. I think women handle stress better and generally prepare more.

3. We evolve hotter. Apparently women are getting better looking through evolution; meanwhile, men are staying the same…I guess my beautiful mother did not read that rule  book and I ended up looking like my dad 🙂

4. We survive car accidents more often. This is sad but true: Men are 77 percent more likely to die in a car accident than women, according to a study done by Carnegie Mellon University. If I could get a dime for every time I have told K1 and K2 to wear their seatbelts, I could probably retire and buy an island in Indonesia…with lush coconut trees, endless yoga retreats, amazing nasi gorengs, massages thrown in….ok ok…I digress

5. We’re better at seeking comfort. A Mind survey of 2,000 people revealed that women are far more likely than men to talk through their problems. Fifty-three percent of women talk to their friends about what’s stressing them out, as opposed to 29 percent of men — thanks to that friend of mine who spent an hour out of his busy life today talking to me…I owe you one!

6. We’re more recession-proof. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80 percent of those who have lost their jobs since December 2007 have been men. Ouch. This could be because male-dominated fields have been hit the hardest, like manufacturing and finance. That really sucks…but hey, maybe it’s time more men became nurses and educators (I have nothing more to add I think Cosmo says it all too well…)

7. We graduate college more often. I think women are in general more tenacious than men and like to see things through

8. We eat healthier. A survey of more than 14,000 people, conducted by the University of Minnesota, showed that women choose far healthier foods than men. The ask around our house is – let’s go out, can I get Pasta, Pizza…but I do believe I am teaching K2 to make healthier food choices, appreciate the importance of eating local and seasonal and more importantly identify his produce…I have learnt a lot along the way too – my discovery in the past couple weeks – Lemon Cucumber

9. We have stronger immune systems. No one gave me this manual…doesn’t ring true in our house…I am the one who is a “baby with the sniffles”…K1 and K2 are resilient.

10. We live longer. Among the world’s population of those who are over 100 years old, 85 percent are women, according to the New England Centenarian Study. In general, women continue to live five to 10 years longer than men as well (no embellishments from your’s truly here…what possibly could I add)

11. We’re better managers, especially in this economy. This one is a little controversial, but a slew of experts are confident that women make greater bosses because they are better listeners, mentors, problem solvers, and multitaskers than their male counterparts. In a recent Daily News article, management expert Jay Forte said, “It’s a very service-oriented economy, so you need employees to be motivated. Women are better connectors than men and more astute about knowing how to activate passion in their employees…(no embellishments from yours truly, seriously I don’t think I could have put this better)

12. We invest better. A study of 100,000 portfolios showed that women’s investment returns outperform men’s, 18 percent to 11 percent. This could be because women are typically more cautious with their investment decisions and think longer term.

10/12 is not a bad score — finally Cosmopolitan hit a chord which only Senge, Covey, Dan Pink, Karl Marx, Freud, Maslow and Cooley had hit…Love it !!!


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